The association says heart attacks can be fatal, but they do not automatically lead to death. The group advises that immediate emergency medical help can often prevent a heart attack. And if you think someone is having an heart attack, call 911. this contentDont wait, Goldberg said, explaining that the reason its important to take an ambulance to the hospital instead of, say, hitching a ride with a family member or friend is that the ambulance is equipped to treat cardiac arrest on the way to the emergency room. What is sudden cardiac arrest? Though a heart attack occurs when circulation of blood is blocked, cardiac arrest is the result of electrical disturbances that cause the heart to suddenly stop beating. Sudden cardiac death is an electrical problem, where your hearts rhythm is rapid and irregular and your heart cant pump effectively, so you suddenly collapse, Goldberg said. As you might expect, a sudden, unexpected loss of heart Nice sentiments function results in an equally sudden loss of breathing and consciousness. Survival is possible after sudden cardiac arrest, with Enjoyed reading this treatment.

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